About us


NeedNewJeans.com is an online multibrand store for the US/Australian/NZ market. With our online web presence established back in 2015, we’re still standing tall, maintaining our affiliate position in US apparel market. The NeedNewJeans store currently features more than 100 fashion brands and is dedicated to supporting independent fashion and to the cultural diversity that comes from uniting the perspectives of hundreds of different buyers, each with their own unique style and vision.

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We’re all about the best fashion trends…

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The Philosophy

Picking the best quality items

Besides offering the widest range of the street and hip clothing, we also do have an amazing lineup of jeans from many known brands. Browse through our shoes and clothing categories and you’ll check all that coolness out right there!

World Brands

NeedNewJeans.com is commited to selecting the best fashion brands from around the world.

With thousands of fashion brands out there, we make sure we choose the best ones.
Fulfilling the need for a creative retail concept that didn’t already exist, we offer a brand new approach in the clothing selection, constantly pushing our own boundaries in expression, integrity, and honesty. We like to see ourselves as an entity that represents a unique mix of goods that are chosen and presented in a personable way, which makes our clothing range so diverse and so appealing for a broad audience of both men and women!